Our Story

SheNative was started out of a dream. Devon Fiddler, founder and Chief Changemaker, started this company with the intention of empowering Indigenous women and girls.

Devon herself has lived and felt the many struggles and stereotypes that many young Indigenous women feel. From being growing up in feeling the racism, and sexual objectification that society perceives upon Indigenous women. Devon grew up shy and timid, and followed the negative stereotypes often perceived by society. She almost started to believe that there was no hope, and that things can’t change. But she found it in herself to beat the odds, and go against this stereotype.

Devon graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Aboriginal Public Administration and went straight to work assisting First Nations entrepreneurs start their businesses. Devon had no previous entrepreneurial experience when she started this job. Devon was in awe of some of the Indigenous entrepreneurs she watched flourish outside of her job, and was inspired.

So out of her childhood dream of becoming a designer, her taste of entrepreneurship and her negative experiences growing up as an Indigenous woman, the idea of SheNative was born.

SheNative was to be a brand of her taste, minimal in design including an Indigenous cultural element. SheNative is a high-end fashion brand about women helping other women. SheNative donates time, energy and a percentage of profits to help empower Indigenous women and girls. We show other Indigenous women and girls that anything is possible and we don’t need to be what others perceive us to be. SheNative has a secondary education mission to change publics’ perception of Indigenous women and girls.