Alexandra Jarrett - Social Media & Promotions Trailblazer


Alexandra is a Cree-Metis woman from Eagles Lake, SK. Alexandra attended the University of Saskatchewan for commerce. Alexandra Jarrett is a dedicated mother with a passion for personal growth in all areas. She has a strong passion for making a difference in the world and being a blessing in the lives of others. Alexandra is a mother, with a passion for personal growth and making a difference through her work as a photographer, small business owner, model, and avid social media trailblazer.

On top of her dedication to the SheNative company she also runs two home based business’ with a vision of freeing families from the chains of self-doubt and mediocrity. Alexandra’s mentality is that the glass is always full regardless if it  is water or air that fills the glass. She says that it is a daily battle to maintain a positive attitude and vibe. She’s broken many chains within herself and defied stereotypes as a young mother who struggled with anxiety and depression. We are proud to have befriended and watch this young woman grow into an inspiring role model.

“My purpose and driving passion is to bless and help others chase their own purpose and passions in life” - Alexandra



Alexandra navigates digital media of graphic design, website creation, and coordinates Social Media for SheNative, Her 4 Directions, and Helen Oro Designs. Alexandra is an entrepreneur in her own right. She has an online store The Freedom Bay and started her  photography company, Axis Imagery.

She co-created, “Story Telling by Design our ‘StoryShoot’ of Empowerment” collaboration with designer Stephanie Gamble of C.Lysia’s Designs, an empowerment effort of local artisans, designers and talent. Alexandra builds collaboration on free time to bring together local talent and build confidence through her photography. 

Alexandra is the brains behind all SheNative social media channels. She creates content that our customers and buyers can relate to. In addition to social media management, Alexandra is also training for management with SheNative, and will be interning this summer for in a Brand Management role.

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