Social Impact

The SheNative Mission

SheNative is on a mission is to help change the perception of the Indigenous woman. We aim to celebrate her story and support her in a way that is effectively life changing and ever lasting. We do this through creating opportunities and providing guidance for Indigenous artisans, suppliers and designers, as well as contributing a portion of profits to causes that support her economic growth. 


How Do We Do This?

We inspire Indigenous women to identify and celebrate the positive aspects of their lives, and motivate Indigenous artisans to pursue their individual passions in a way that will create opportunities. We strive to empower all people to provoke positive change in the public perception of the Indigenous woman, and we encourage her to invite the world to experience her culture.
    How do We Give Back?

    We give back by supporting Indigenous  artisans, designers and businesses through partnerships and promoting their crafts. We utilize our successes to provide a platform for everyone to celebrate the Indigenous woman and hear her story. Monetarily, we donate 10% of profits in year 1 to social impact programs that align with our overall mission. We also ensure that we minimize our eco-footprint through handpicked materials and utilize ethical Canadian suppliers.