We have revamped our collection, creating more functionality by adding straps to our best selling leather pieces. Plus we’ve added a gorgeous new colour - Sangria! My team and I are ecstatic about this gorgeous burgundy-purple colour. We are dedicating this new holiday colour addition to missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. We honour you.

The colour Sangria is a mix of red and purple.

Red reminds us of the REDress Project, which focuses on the issue of missing or murdered Indigenous women across Canada. The REDress Project is an installation art project — an aesthetic response to this national issue — which serves as a visual reminder of the staggering number of women who are no longer with us. It serves to draw attention to the gendered and racialized nature of violent crimes against Indigenous women, and to evoke a presence through the marking of absence. Find out more about the REDress Project by clicking here.

Purple is associated with creativity, dignity, devotion, peace, pride, independence and magic.

To us, the colour Sangria is about duality. Coupled together, the intense shade of red and the divine shade of purple have a calming energy that connects us to our higher selves. And that’s what SheNative Goods represents — a fiercely uplifting aura that helps overcome our challenges and grievances.

This collection will only be available for the holidays through pre-order from now until November 17, 2017. In order for you to get your bag on time for Christmas, orders need to take place prior to November 17th. 

Here is the new colour in our Holiday Collection.

We are honoured to continue this journey with you.