Tipiskâw Pîsim Make up Bag


The Tipiskâw Pîsim Make up Bag is made with a Cinnamon Matte leather. This reminds us of the 13 Grandmother Moon teachings shared to us by our elders. 

We are taught through storytelling, that the 13 moon phases orient us to the passage of time, the ever-changing seasons, animal migrations, plant life cycles, and that each moon cycle has associated spiritual and moral teachings that also connect to women.

This make up bag represents the strong connection that our women carry with the 13 phases of Grandmother moon.

This non-corrected leather allows natures markings such as scars, wrinkles, and colour variances to show the natural beauty of a genuine leather product. 

Signs of wear will show a rich shine and will increase over time.

Dimensions: 13" W x 8" L  x 3.5 " H (inches)

This product is made possible through Creative Saskatchewan's Craft & Visual Arts Production Grant Program.


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