Women Changemakers: Meet Indigenous Entrepreneur Sunshine Tenasco

What do Dragons’ Den, Pow Wow Pitch, Her Braids and Nibi’s Water Song have in common?

Sunshine Tenasco!

A few years ago Arlene Dickinson and Brett Wilson, two of the Dragons, invested in and believed in Sunshine. Since then, she’s continued along the path of entrepreneurship and changemaking. This powerhouse Indigenous entrepreneur/author/philanthropist spends her days bettering communities in Canada and beyond. From actively supporting Indigenous entrepreneurs and aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs to amplifying the need to make clean drinking water in every First Nations community a reality, Sunshine embodies changemaking through and through.

When you meet Sunshine, you can’t help but be uplifted by her full-on belly laughs (they happen a lot!) and the way she welcomes you into whatever setting you’re sharing together. She listens to you with intention and openness, ready and excited for whatever you have to say next. Picture Sunshine in your mind as you read the next few words. I’m willing to bet you’ll experience more than a smile or two as you do it. :-)

Rosie Paulyk: What does Changemaking mean to you?

Sunshine Tenasco: Changemakers are people who want to create change and do it in a positive way. Local Indigenous community Changemakers — like teachers who are doing their best to educate youth — aren’t seen by the public as often as Indigenous entrepreneurs. Local Changemakers may not be looking for recognition; however, they’re still deserving of it. They’re still creating change in their fields.

RP: Do you look up to any Changemakers?

ST: YEEEEES! I look up to people in each community who are doing really awesome things. Like Mary Spencer, an Olympian boxer, went back to her community and made a gym with her bare hands. LOVE Jen Harper (Cheekbone Beauty) and Devon Fiddler (SheNative) too!

RP: Is it okay if I look at your websites to see what’s new with you right now so SheNative’s internet community knows what’s coming up for you?

ST: Oh yeah!

RP: Awesome! Honoured to speak with you today, Sunshine.

Here’s what’s next for Sunshine: Pow Wow Pitch 2020, which will award $25,000 in prizes, is accepting pitches from Indigenous/First Nations/Inuit/Métis entrepreneurs in Canada until July 31, 2020.

CLICK HERE for more information.

To connect with Sunshine beyond this blog post, here are her links:

Her Braids

Nibi’s Water Song

Pow Wow Pitch

Interviewed & written by Rosie Paulyk of Select Social Media Marketing.

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