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Devon is a woman of substance and wisdom so that many would be surprised at her relative youth. She approaches business with passion and an intense desire to evoke change. She is a disrupter, entrepreneur and her leadership extends far beyond fashion.

This young Cree woman grew up on the Waterhen Lake First Nation, went on to complete her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Aboriginal Public Administration and has a multitude of certificates in business and leadership. She has garnered many accolades, awards, nominations and has traveled to speak, lead and mentor. It was an honour and privilege to speak to the founder and CEO of SheNative.

 The inspiration for her brand…

"I was inspired because I was working with First Nations Entrepreneurs in my job. My mentor Kendal Netmaker of Neechie Gear impacted my vision greatly. His mission is to impact youth with sport. I have experienced socio-economic disadvantages that Indigenous women face and that really impacted my mission. For me, my why centers around inspiring and elevating Indigenous women. I started SheNative with the idea of apparel but moved to leather handbags as all  women carry this staple accessory."


Her deep desire to champion other Indigenous women…

"This is baked into the make-up of our brand, I collaborate, elevate and promote other Indigenous women entrepreneurs. My belief is that Indigenous women are leaders and they lead with an intention of reconciliation."

Devon Fiddler

With all your awards and accomplishments, your greatest impact has been…

"Mentorship is the most impactful aspect of my achievements. I love sharing my knowledge of business with girls and women, especially the ideation phase. The rumination of new ideas, developing them into possibilities and creating something of substance rekindles my heart of business development. I also believe by modeling a successful Indigenous business, this is so impactful for future generations. I am always constantly evolving and changing."

Devon Fiddler SheNative

Sharing her entrepreneurial journey with us on social media…

"When I first started, I wanted to share the steps of my journey as an entrepreneur. As the years progressed, I wanted more privacy as I experienced negative and racist comments. I was naive about the impact this would have on me personally. What compels me to continue is my why. I am open about my struggles and the work I’ve done and continue to do to grow. I want women to know that you can break through limiting beliefs and fears so I continue to share.  Indigenous women and all women share a common thread in the value of unpaid labour. The job of parenting that we fulfill is so undervalued . As a mother of 2, I can’t stress the importance of this enough.?

One word you want people to grasp when they think of you…



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