Shasta Mike, SheNative Sales Associate & Model

Shasta Mike is a 23 year old mother to a 3 year old diva, part-time Sales Associate for SheNative, and an Indigenous model with International experience.

Shasta models more for fun than anything. She does runway, participates in photoshoots from lifestyle to creative. She also gets in front of the camera for SheNative, and participated in Saskatchewan Fashion Week on the runway, as our brand ambassador. 

In her international experience, Shasta has travelled to Melbourne, Australia in March 2016 and London, England for Heartlands London Fashion Week in February 2017 as a model for Helen Oro Designs. Shasta received training from Global Indigenous Management from the Indigenous Runway Project held in Saskatoon, a Her 4 Directions partnership.

Shasta feels grateful that she got experience her dream of becoming a model, and gaining international experience has given her massive insight into the fashion industry.

Her new dream is to become a clothing designer. She is currently looking into options for Fashion Design Schools. Shasta wishes to travel internationally, showcasing her designs at Fashion Weeks across the globe! She wants to bring First Nations models with her, as she got to experience with Helen Oro. She wants other Indigenous women to experience the fashion world and help make their modelling dreams become a reality.

For now, Shasta is gaining industry experience working with SheNative and modelling for Indigenous designers, like Helen Oro. 

Shasta shares her experience in working for SheNative, "I like sharing Devon's story with people and how the brand started. I am a huge supporter of the vision Devon has for SheNative and love that our mission is to empower Indigenous Women and Girls."

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