Rodrick Rabbitskin National Aboriginal Day 2016

What does National Aboriginal Day mean to you?

"National Aboriginal Day to me is a day of recognition of what we as First Nations have gone through and how we have risen up from all that has happened. It is a day to showcase the many talented, and successful indigenous people who are making a impact on our future generations. As we look back at what each and everyone of us have overcome we stand strong on this day knowing that as First Nations people we have the power to change how our youth will identify as First Nations future leaders." - Roderick Rabbitskin


 Photo Credit: Prairie Pulse Photography

We at SheNative have had the honor of working along side Rodrick with his Dream P K Modeling endeavor. We watched him create an environment for youth to flourish in their love for fashion and modeling. He is an amazing mentor and Role Model and every decision he made was to help the youth. We are so proud of him as we know it wasn't easy to put together the project he did.


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