New Year, New Beginnings: An Update from SheNative

Honoured to share the first SheNative update of the new, the new decade with you.


So, first thing's first: SheNative will be giving away pieces of brand new apparel all month long!

Authentic Leggings, Thunderbird Cropped Hoodies...these are just a couple of the items that will be up for grabs in January. The first giveaway was posted on Facebook and Instagram today, actually. You can find SheNative @shenativegoods on Instagram and @shenative on Facebook. 


Second thing's second: Each week in January I'll be here sharing with you.

Some weeks will highlight inspiring resilient women changemakers whom you've suggested. One of the weeks will include more about my journey as a young entrepreneur and caregiver to my Mom who was diagnosed with MS when I was 10. Devon asked that I share more about this to follow up my first blog post. And so, with excitement and more than a few nerves, I will do so. 


Third thing's third [okay, okay... I'll stop with the number play on words now 😉 ] :Until January 20, 2020 all SheNative Leather Accessories and SheNative Apparel  are on sale big time -- new apparel included.

Enjoy the sale and stock up on this year's birthday gifts for the women in your life who live with courage, perseverance and love. That's my plan, anyways. #1yearofbdayshoppingcomplete #YES 


Finally, I leave you with this. It's not an update, but a question: 

The definition of SheNative is: reverence, authenticity, unapologetic chicness, celebrating and sharing our teachings with the world.

How are you going to choose to define this new decade for yourself?



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