Kendal Netmaker National Aboriginal Day 2016

by Alexandra Jarrett June 21, 2016 0 Comments

Kendal Netmaker National Aboriginal Day 2016

What does National Aboriginal Day mean to you?

"It's a reminder that I am proud to be First Nations and now have the opportunity that our ancestors struggled for. It's our opportunity to help one another get ahead." - Kendal Netmaker

 Kendal has been a driving force in the Indigenous communities for Entrepreneurial success. Kendal is the proud owner of Neechie Gear

Kendal has won numerous awards for his efforts and is invited to speak frequently. He is a true Indigenous Role Model for our communities.


You can read more of his biography here: Kendal Netmaker - Chamber of Commerce


Facebook: Kendal Netmaker

Instagram: KendalNetmaker

Twitter: KendalNetmaker


A few articles Kendal has been featured in:

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Alexandra Jarrett
Alexandra Jarrett