Kacey Beaudry National Aboriginal Day 2016

by Alexandra Jarrett June 21, 2016 0 Comments

Kacey Beaudry National Aboriginal Day 2016

What does National Aboriginal Day mean to you?

"National Aboriginal day for me is no different from every other day where I celebrate the livelihood of my culture and traditions that have been instilled in me by my family and elders. But I take pride that Canada has implemented this national holiday in order to welcome others to celebrate Indigenous peoples." - Kacey Beaudry


Photo Credit:  Sweetmoon Photography
Kacey is a gorgeous and promising Makeup Artist. We have worked with her on numerous occasions for photo shoots. Her makeup is impeccable and we are always proud to support and represent her work.
Social Media:
Facebook: Kacey Beaudry, MUA
Instagram: KCbeaudry
Website: www.kaceybeaudrymua.com
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Alexandra Jarrett
Alexandra Jarrett