Helen Oro National Aboriginal Day 2016

What does National Aboriginal Day Mean to you?

"It's a day to celebrate our unique and diverse culture and heritage. A day where we come together and celebrate those doing amazing things and to inspire our next generation not only to pursue greatness but to remind them where they come from. A chance for those to learn about our culture and a chance for us to share."-Helen Oro


 Photo credit: Axis Imagery

Helen has been international with her designs. She is a loving mother, wife, daughter, and friend. Helen is an inspirational Role Model to a lot of people. She is very authentic in who she is and for that we admire her.

Helen is the owner of Helen Oro Designs

Facebook: Helen Oro Designs

Instagram: HelenOroDesigns

Twitter: HelenOroDesigns

Here are a few articles that feature Helen:

Helen Oro - Future 40 Nomination

Helen Oro - Whisper and Thunder

Helen Oro wins 1st place at the Aboriginal Youth Idea Challenge Awards Gala


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I think that Aboriginal National Day should be a holiday in Australia and eventually replace Queen’s Birthday which has less and less meaning in Australia.
Kind regards,
Aude Mareschal-Sowerwine

Aude Sowerwine June 22, 2016

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