Entrepreneurship + Caregiving for A Loved One Who's Chronically Ill: The Journey Part 1


Right now we could talk about the many bumps along the journey of entrepreneurship. Veeeery late nights. Tear-filled mornings -- most often at least half due to staying up too late the night before -- resulting in never-getting-out-of-there coffee stains. Changing relationships that you thought were going to be ride-or-die. These are a very small selection of the bumps I've experienced over the years.  

Or we could talk about one of the most remarkable gifts entrepreneurship can provide: The ability to extend moments in time on short notice. To explain what I mean, here's a post I wrote on my Instagram back in August 2019:



On July 24th of this year she turned 64 years young. I wasn't supposed to be there, but somehow knew that I should be. So I flew back (to Saskatoon) for a quick b'day celebration.

It was a rad one. We laughed a lot as per usual. (A daily occurrence in our world.) We ate some seriously tasty bbq chicken and took turns making cups of our favourite Dark French Roast coffee. I forced her to listen to my current Eff Yes list of tunes. (Nina Nesbitt's "Last December" topped the list that week.) She pointed out a few that I should listen to next. #MamaSApproved

I get it. Everything I've described sounds pretty dang mundane. For us, it wasn't though. 

The coffee. The music. The laughter. All of these things were part of a moment that we held onto for as long as we could.

Here's the thing about my Mom: She has a lot of stuff going on health-wise. As the week progressed, it became clear that Mom's physical and mental health wasn't doing so hot. This past week it's been more of the same.

Before I go on, in case you're concerned, yes -- everything I share on here has been given the okay by Mama S.

So, this week we focused on rounding up the resources needed. Today Mama S is perking up and feeling better. Looks like our ole friend MS was causing her legs to spasm more aggressively at night = pain = stunted sleep = bad news bears.

Thus far this weekend has basically been a continuation of the week. Now I bet you can tell why this weekend hasn't seemed very long weekend-ish in these here parts.

On July 24th of this year she turned 64 years young. And that quick birthday celebration...we'll be doing that again waaaay before the next round of candles gets blown out. 



The ability to extend moments on short notice, like focusing on Mama S' healthcare for a week, is possible because over the last decade I built a lifestyle around this. The main type of work I do -- remote digital communication + group training -- gives me the ability to flex the schedule when needed. You see, here's the thing: The only constant in a chronic illness like multiple sclerosis is that it can change at a moment's notice.


Thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the human behind the posts you're about to read on the blog. In my eyes, time is everything. Honoured. 

Next week the blog will feature an interview with a woman changemaker who lives with unstoppable passion. Can't wait for you to experience it. 


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