New Year, New Start….

by Alexandra Jarrett February 23, 2016 0 Comments

New Year, New Start….


Wow, nearly 2 months has already passed us by in 2016! Time is going so quickly when you are working towards something that you love. In this blog, I want to reflect both on this past month and on the entire year of 2015.


2015 Reflections:

This year we’ve had some amazing things happen! We’ve OFFICIALLY launched the SheNative First Handbag Collection in April! Won an amazing contest, “Win a month on Morgaurd Contest” that helped us successfully launch our bags to the world!


Since then, we’ve been hustling and bustling gaining local awareness by participating in local fashion shows including the Positively Red Gala for Aids Saskatoon, and our own Fundraiser to attend the Start-up Fashion Week.


We’ve been to local tradeshows and events all summer long including the Potash Fringe Festival, Saskatoon Exhibition, Saskatoon Sidewalk Sale, Back to Batoche and the Saskatoon Fashion & Design Festival.


 One of the most amazing experiences of the year, was being selected among 22 young entrepreneurs in Canada to represent the Canadian delegation at the G20 Young Entrepreneur Alliance Summit in Istanbul, Turkey. I’ve taken a lot out of the forums and talks especially from the other amazing entrepreneurs. One of the greatest experiences was connecting to entrepreneurs worldwide that have access to networks and connections to help you thrive in your company. It’s just been really inspiring for me to be among entrepreneurs with the same passionate spirit that I have. I’m truly grateful for that.



Other amazing National opportunities included being apart of amazing panels with CANDO, Young Entrepreneurs Symposium, and the Power of the Arts Forum. Finally, being apart of Start-up Fashion Week in Toronto this year.


I look back now, and remember the feelings of overwhelm and anxiety as I embarked on each of the opportunities. Knowing that these opportunities are pulling me away from the daily hustle of running a small company, but also knowing that each and every one of the opportunities will help me grow faster in the long run.


I do not regret taking every opportunity, but my take away is balance, to say no to opportunities that do not reflect my mission and growth of SheNative and to select the opportunities that will help in SheNative’s mission, and growth.


In 2015, I had no boundaries. I said yes to any and all opportunities that came my way. Doing so, gave me so many opportunities to start-up, grow, learn, and learn my own limitations.


One of the biggest accomplishments that I’ve achieved this year is starting the collective of Indigenous women entrepreneurs in fashion called the Her 4 Directions Partnership. To me, this was one of the biggest social impact pilots that I had ever undertaken along-side the help with all of our founders – Helen Oro, Tori-lyn Wanotch and Marylou Mintram, and staff – Jannica Hoskins and Marleah Bigstone. We’ve done and created so much in such a little amount of time. We’ve set up a shared studio space out of The TwoTwenty, started workshop and out of this we are creating a whole new organization! Yes, it was a lot of work and it still is. I’m now at a point in my start-up career where I’ve learned that I need to focus. I can still put my energy into the collective, but I just need to let it grow organically and be a little more hands-off. I know I like to put my hands on everything and make everything perfect! But we have a very capable team of passionate women entrepreneurs that are guiding this initiative and I need to trust that. Let it go, let it thrive.


Moving Forward…

So, this year, I plan on taking care of myself a little more, as I am EXPECTING! Yes, that’s right, I’m going to be a Mom-preneur this year. That means, I need more self-care and need to make some hard decisions and start saying no to some of the opportunities that do not directly align with my mission for SheNative to empower Indigenous women and girls, and mission to growing sustainable social impact company.


How do you plan to move forward this year?




Alexandra Jarrett
Alexandra Jarrett