Woman Crush Wednesday: The Women making a difference in their Communities, the 2015 Female Canadian Delegation of G20 YEA

by Alexandra Jarrett September 16, 2015 0 Comments

"Today, I wanted to feature the amazing ladies that I had the privilege of meeting through the G20 Young Entrepreneur Alliance Summit in Istanbul, Turkey last week. These ladies represented Canada well at the G20 YEA Summit. We shared laughs, we shared rides and we had a great time together exploring Istanbul after the summit sessions. All of these women are go-getters, and doing really awesome things in their communities. I'm just really grateful for the chance to connect and meet with all of them." - Devon Fiddler, Chief Changemaker of SheNative

Here's a photo the G20 Canadian delegates with Alex Feinberg of Heddoko.
From the left: Sarah, Devon, Leslie, Alex, Arielle, Stephanie, Humeyra, & Déborah

The female delegation of the G20 YEA Summit 2015:


Arielle Beaudin
Company: Lori.biz
                "LORI.biz is the think tank for female entrepreneurship. Our content-rich media output, vast network of contacts, and noteworthy events bring our users to the core of an influential community working together on an inspiring mission: to empower female entrepreneurs."
Arielle is currently crowdfunding to bring Co-working to Women Entrepreneurs in Montreal!
Déborah Cherenfant
"To be Independent and serve as a model for young girls. I've always had the ambition to become an entrepreneur and developing my concept was easy because it was based on my own personal experiences."
Humeyra Ayshè Karsli
Company: Atlantic Trade Bridge
"Has over 5 years international experience in sales, partnership negotiation, project management and event organization. Director at the Montreal Young Chamber of Commerce, for the Entrepreneurship Committee."
Leslie Gallagher
Company: WorkLocal.jobs
"A homegrown Halifax girl, Leslie graduated from Dalhousie University in 2012 with a liberal arts degree and began working at Progress magazine, where she realized there was a gap between job seekers and small businesses with limited HR resources seeking talent.  Knowing many friends on the hunt for meaningful work and nudged into action by the Ivany report, Leslie was inspired to become an entrepreneur and bridge this gap. With a focus on new graduates, WorkLocal.jobs harnesses the trend in video interview technology by customizing it for small- and medium-sized businesses."
Sarah Segal
Company: SQUISH
"I come from a family of entrepreneurs so I guess working with my father on a new business was my introduction to entrepreneurship. 5 years after working on our first business I developed the concept for SQUISH as a complimentary concept to our first business "
Stephanie Brisson
Company: Credo Productions
"Stephanie now puts her organizational and interpersonal skills to use with Credo. As a project manager, she is responsible for managing and coaching clients and collaborates in the implementation of the projects. Stephanie is also very involved in the startup community."

 And of course we cannot forget the Futurpreneur "Female" Team who accompanied us:

Cindy Goertzan
Board Member, Futurpreneur
Company: Blueprint Global Partners
"We are all interconnected and here to serve each other. Business ecosystems remain strong and prosperous, when we apply a philosophy of abundance to our daily interactions with each other."
And finally, the lady who brought us all together!! Thank you for all your hard work Marsha!
Marsha Josephs
VP Corporate and Public Affairs, Futurpreneur Canada and G20 YEA Canadian Sherpa
Company: Futurpreneur
"You must never doubt your ability to achieve anything, become anything, overcome anything, and inspire everything."
Read the Ladies full profiles here: G20 YEA Canadian Entrepreneurs

Alexandra Jarrett
Alexandra Jarrett