Appreciating a Leader who's Inspired SheNative

by Alexandra Jarrett August 28, 2015 0 Comments

Kendal Netmaker is the CEO of Neechie Gear, local business celebrity, keynote speaker, and an inspiration to youth across Canada. He is from the Sweetgrass First Nation here in Saskatchewan. Neechie Gear is a well known local lifestyle brand on a mission to empower youth through sports. 

Kendal has been a mentor to the SheNative founder for over a year now. Kendal and his company Neechie Gear has been a huge inspiration for SheNative. Prior to Kendal becoming Devon’s mentor, Devon watched Kendal as he grew Neechie Gear, paving the way and igniting the entrepreneurial spirit in many of our Indigenous youth, including Devon. 

Kendal was a huge part of the reason why Devon took the leap into entrepreneurship to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer. SheNative started as a handbag company, but quickly become more of a brand, and added a T-shirt collection to offer products that were more affordable so that more people can support the cause of SheNative. SheNative is dedicated to uplifting Indigenous women, with a mission to change the public perception of Indigenous women. SheNative is inspiring women to take back her story, and create it. 

Devon credits adding in her T-shirt collection and her social mission as inspired by Neechie Gear. Every business or company is inspired by somebody or another company. Kendal continues to support Devon and Neechie Gear continues to be an inspiration to SheNative. 

Neechie Gear is located at the Centre Mall in Saskatoon. We are excited to share that SheNative will be located near Neechie Gear from October 12, 2015 – December 27th, 2015 at the Centre Mall. As Indigenous entrepreneurs we decide to collaborate and work together. We don’t see one another as competition, but as allies. 

You can read more about Kendal's company and story here:

Alexandra Jarrett
Alexandra Jarrett