Women Crush Wednesday! Stephanie Gamble A local designer extraordinaire!!

by Alexandra Jarrett August 26, 2015 0 Comments

We like to take today to honor women who are being an inspiration in our communities! We believe strongly in empowering one another to reach our individual goals. Stephanie has a huge heart and and even bigger vision for her future and we support her. Please read a little bit of her story here and be sure to give her page a follow if you can. She is a phenomenal designer and has one of a kind creative work. All of her designs have a passionate story behind them. We love Stephanie and we love her work!

Stephanie Grace Gamble is a 30 year old cree woman from Beardys and Okemasis First Nation. She is a phenomenal mother to Micaiah and Emerson. Stephanie is an aspiring entrepreneur, and fashion designer for "C.Lysias Designs". She plans to open her own C.Lysias Designs Boutique. She is also an executive assistant to a GM, a business student,and a full time mother. Stephanie says that she is passionate about fashion, creativity, traveling, music, youth, different cultures, growth-change, networking, beauty, photography, and LIFE!


We asked Stephanie what is a quote you live by? 

"I've never been the type to fit in-I'd always speak my mind and take risks. I would stand up for what was right, even if it meant standing alone. "

"As long as I have faith, vision, and continued focus towards 'The Light' at the end of the tunnel-I know I'll BE just fine. "



Alexandra Jarrett
Alexandra Jarrett