Selfless Sunday Nomination! Juanita Luke Submitted by Jennifer Constant

by Alexandra Jarrett August 23, 2015 0 Comments

"I'd like to nominate Juanita Luke of Mattagami First Nation. A calm & courageous strong Ojibway woman of our community.
She is one of the nicest and most generous people that I have ever known. Anyone who knows Juanita knows that she is a truly kindhearted, soft-spoken, endearing woman who many look up to for her sense of adventure through travel, her great sense of taste & style with decor, and her disarming and calm presence. 
She's a woman who has faced a number of challenges and obstacles in her life - from losing her closest loved ones (her mother, then father, then husband all within a few years) all the while fearlessly battling her own  diagnosis of cancer. She has not only proven inspirational in her determination, but has done so in a manner that is courageous. 


 She is the Executive Director of the Mattagami First Nation Administration and a member of many committees aimed at improving the life's of aboriginal people. 
 One committee in particular that she has created has seen great community support and ownership in setting the direction for the future of her First Nation; The Harmony Movement which is a strategic planning movement which has engaged members to help set the direction for our communities future. 


Despite her heavy workload and abundance of stresses she maintains a positive attitude and presence that is infectious to all those around her in her professional and personal life. 
Juanita is also in the process of completing her Bachelors Degree in Public Administration & Governance at Ryerson University through a distance education program delivered with First Nations Technical Institute. Despite all of her responsibilities she always finds the time to help others, to help community events, and to inspire others in a fun way. 


She gives generously, and selflessly to those in need and without any expectation in return."

We at SheNative would like to kindly thank you for your nomination Jennifer. Juanita sounds like a phenomenal example of what selflessness is. We appreciate your recognition of her and hope that she continues to touch the lives of others as she has for you!

Alexandra Jarrett
Alexandra Jarrett