Meet our Woman Crush Wednesday!! A modern day Wonder Woman!

by Alexandra Jarrett August 12, 2015 0 Comments

Every week we have the honor and absolute privilege of talking about a lady who exemplifies what it means to be empowered. This week our Woman Crush Wednesday is Jeanny Buan. Jeanny is an incredible woman of intelligence, character, and compassion. Jeanny has her plate full and she is an inspiration to us. We guarantee she will inspire you as well. She is a full time bullying prevention educator, part time model, athlete, personal fitness trainer, has a degree in Marketing, and is an active volunteer in the community.

She has previously been represented by Discovery Modelling agency, Philippines where she has done television commercials. She is also a passionate stage play actress who started acting at age 10 and later on continued to be a part of the Professional Actors guild of the Philippines. She moved to Canada 4 years ago and is now represented by Masala model and talent. She continues her passion in modelling and you might have seen her in magazines and fashion shows.

In addition, as an athlete and personal trainer, living a healthy lifestyle is a priority for Jeanny. She is the IronMan triathlon race captain for Athlete Nutrition; a player for Saskatoon Seals- the official underwater hockey and underwater football team of Saskatchewan. Jeanny practices mixed martial arts, judo and is a bikini bodybuilding competitor as well.

She is a girl guide leader who believes in empowering girls and motivating them to be more confident. On top of all her talents and responsibilities this woman still finds the time to be active within her community. We couldn’t be more unbelievably in awe of who she is and what she stands to accomplish. This woman is a take no excuses and be the change you wish to see in the world type. We are more than confident she will be a shining light for many people with her ambition and perseverance.

Jeanny says she is passionate about empowering girls and young women to be more confident about themselves; so they can face the world without fear and be successful in the field that they choose


Jeanny’s words for everyone:

“Be brave, be strong and always believe in the superhero in you!”

Alexandra Jarrett
Alexandra Jarrett