I'm going to Turkey for G20 YEA!!!

by Devon Fiddler August 05, 2015 0 Comments

If you haven't already heard, I've been selected by Futurpreneur Canada to attend the G20 Young Arts Entrepreneur (YEA) Alliance Summit in Istanbul, Turkey with the Canadian Delegation! See original post here

Devon Fiddler, Chief Changemaker of SheNative Goods

What does this mean to me?

I would like to take the time to speak a little about what this opportunity means to me! First of all, it's a huge opportunity!!! Going will allow me to speak up on an international platform from an Indigenous perspective. I'll be able to learn alongside 600 entrepreneurs from 20 countries, engaging in discussion about youth entrepreneurship! Youth entrepreneurship is a passion for me and I’m excited to connect and seek out international opportunities for my business while I’m there.

I think I was chosen to go because of the social mission of SheNative! I think Futurepreneur Canada witnessed my passion, and saw that I have real potential as an entrepreneur to contribute to social change. I hope to accomplish making lasting connections and finding opportunity for the future of SheNative while attending the summit.

A Fellow EntrepreNative:

Heather Abbey of ShopIndig.ca, another local Indigenous female entrepreneur of YXE has also been chosen to attend G20!!!

Heather Abbey, Founder of ShopIndig.ca

Please take some time to check out her site and learn about her business. We'll be staying at the Hilton Garden in Istanbul – with the French Delegation.

Heather and I are both excited to be exploring a new country, and being immersed within a new culture!

Our Fundraising Efforts:

Heather and I have teamed up to travel, room together and fundraise! All of our fundraising efforts will go directly to cover the costs of the trip, including registration to the G20, travel, accommodations and meals.

To help us out, check out our Steak 4 Turkey Steaknight fundraiser event on September 3rd at 6:30 at the Sutherland Bar in Saskatoon. To get tickets, email devon@shenative.com. Details of the event can be found on Facebook here

If you are not in Saskatoon and would love to help support us in our trip to Istanbul Turkey, we’ve set up a Go Fund Me page where you can donate directly. Check out our page G20YEA-YXE

What else is happening with SheNative?

You can expect SheNative to be evolving in the next year. We’ll have a kiosk at the Centre mall in Saskatoon during the Christmas months (late September through December. We'll be participating in the Start-up Fashion Week in October!!! Which you'll be learning more about soon! And most recently, we are starting a fashion incubator called Her 4 Directions which is due to launch right when I get back from Turkey! And finally, I'm working on a whole new collection for the Spring of 2016! 

More about G20 YEA:

The G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (G20 YEA) is a global network of young entrepreneurs and the organizations that support them. It was established to convene each year in advance of the G-20 Summit, with the aim of championing the importance of young entrepreneurs to the G20 member nations and to share examples and practices. The Alliance was officially created at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit, Toronto, Canada, 2010.

Written by Devon Fiddler & Questioned/Edited by Alexandra Jarrett

Devon Fiddler
Devon Fiddler