Woman Crush Wednesday: Meet our Project Coordinator, Jannica Hoskins

by Devon Fiddler July 29, 2015 0 Comments

Meet Jannica Rae Hoskins!!!

Jannica is a 32 year old mother of beautiful daughter Mya. She is of mixed ancestry- Metis, Annishnabe, and Cree, and adopted into the Secwepemc Nation in British Columbia.

Jannica has recently started working for us as Project Coordinator! She coordinates our special pilot project, "Her 4 Directions". An incubator space that supports operating partners, dynamic and creative Indigenous designers and small business owners, which will also be serving the community of Saskatoon by providing workshops. Jannica is amazing at what she does! She's a firecracker for sure!

Jannica has many talents! She's a documentary film maker, most known for her feature film, The Fallen Feather. She also contributes to her passion for the arts, by serving on the Board of Directors for Dance Saskatchewan Inc

And, she also has a passionate for education! She continues to apply her research and project work towards supporting Aboriginal Education; and volunteers with the Northern Saskatchewan Trappers Association Cooperative to research and consult on ethics in social justice and community based research. 

Jannica speaks of an Elder who is near to her heart, because of her teachings:

“My Elder who lives on through the lives of those she influenced, Dr Mary Thomas, Secwepemc Nation always had valuable teachings to relay and she would follow them by saying 'this isn't just for you to know, this is for you to teach'. This is a quote that constantly echoes in my life and I hope to embody that mantra as I continue to learn and grow because it's not what we do or what awards we receive that make us it's our encounters along the way that shape who we become.”

By Alexandra Jarrett & Devon Fiddler

Devon Fiddler
Devon Fiddler