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by Devon Fiddler July 16, 2015 0 Comments

Emily's Story on Being a Saskatchewan Fire Evacuee

With over 100 fires burning in Northern Saskatchewan, this leaves 13,000 people forced from there homes!!! Emily shared her story with us this past Sunday of an experience that touched her heart. The topic we asked people to share about was to share a story of a time when someone was selfless towards them. Emily is an fire evacuee from La Ronge. She and her children were uprooted from her home, she was fortunate enough to have a good friend in the area that was willing to take her in. These are the kind of things we like to talk about, people willing to open their hearts and their homes to those in need. We’re very glad Emily was able to find comfortable accommodations and we’re very touched by how grateful she is. Her friend’s name is Christine Kinequon and she has been very kind and welcoming to evacuees.

The following are words from Emily:

“I am single mom of four, we got uprooted from our home last Saturday and my friend opened up her home to us and we are so grateful, this is awesome way to help others and she's giving caring person."

How can we help???

There are many ways that we in our own communities can step up and be of assistance to people who need it. This is happening right now in our own backyards, so it’s very easy to help and very easy not to help. We have felt very strongly about raising awareness and making sure there is more light shed on the subject.

On facebook there is a group called “Sask Evacuations-Helping one another”.

We have asked evacuees themselves on what they need and the best way that any of us can really be of help is to ask individuals. It should be easy to find where the evacuees are residing in your own community. Everyone’s needs are different and simply getting out of your comfort zone making a new friend and asking how you can help is honestly the best way that we can all be of service in situations like these.

We would like to provide also the following link to a very informative post that was made last week. This list is very helpful if you are looking for where, and who to talk to in your communities. Click Here: “The following is a list of information regarding shelters, donations, health services information and contact # for Red Cross as well…”

Another observation we have made in our research over the past couple weeks is simply that volunteering your own time is the greatest gift you can give. Our time is essentially the most previous resource we have and being an example to your friends and family is the best thing you can do in times of need.

Thank you everyone for all of your support with the evacuees. Let us all pray for rain and hope that they can return to their respective homes as soon as possible. We pray for those fighting the fires and risking their lives and volunteering their time. We also pray for those who don’t have homes to return to. May bigger and better doors be opened for you and we pray you have to support you need to get you through.

Written by Alexandra Jarrett

Devon Fiddler
Devon Fiddler