Woman Crush Wednesday!! Meet Kacey!

by Devon Fiddler July 15, 2015 0 Comments

Kacey Beaudry

Freelance Make-up Artist. Mother. Business Student. 

Meet Kacey! SheNative's regular make-up artist. Kacey provides beautiful service to our models at SheNative during our always fun photoshoots!

Kacey is a 28 year old mother of three beautiful children. She is a proud indigenous woman from Red Pheasant First Nation. She is a certified Freelance Makeup Artist, as well as, a budding business student. Her life is tremendously full of love and passion for her children, and the work she puts forward. She says she is passionate about expressing her creativity and artistic ability through makeup artistry. Kacey is beautiful charismatic and has a powerful message to spread with her talents. 

"Even though they are incredible to look at, I don't like to create before & after photos to advertise my makeup skills because I feel like they can send a wrong message to clients such as: "I can get you from this to this," "Makeup works wonders," and so on. I want to showcase my clients' natural beauty and enhance it with my techniques and the products I use enabling them to have confidence in themselves and feel the excitement that makeup can provide"

We are honored to have met and worked with Kacey throughout the past few months! She is busy taking courses to better her makeup artistry skills. She is a determined woman and we are excited for what is to come in this woman’s journey.

To book Kacey in, please send us an email, and we will provide you with her contact info. :)

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Devon Fiddler
Devon Fiddler