Women Crush Wednesday!!! - Uyen Huynh a.k.a Ninja Stylist

by Devon Fiddler July 08, 2015 0 Comments

It's #WomenCrushWednesday or #WorkingWomenWednesday!!!

 We would like to take some time to shine a little light on a woman who is a tremendous inspiration! Her name is Uyen Huynh a.k.a. Ninja Stylist. She has an incredible heart and has accomplished so much by having a vision for her life.

“Empower yourself first so that you can empower others.” – Uyen, Ninja Stylist

Uyen is a multiple award winning hairdresser, coach, and motivator. Her passion is to empower women and girls. Her life’s mission is to build trade programs in poverty areas around the world to help women have a trade. Her hopes are to help eradicate struggle and poverty one woman at a time and be a blessing to the women she works with. Her tip for reaching your own goals is to, “Never ever give up!”.

Uyen has been an inspiration to us since the day she’s told us her story. We’re very honored to be speaking about her today as she is a woman who deserves more credit than she is ever willing to take!

If you ever want to find her she can be found on Facebook, Instagram & You Tube as @ninja.sylist.

Devon Fiddler
Devon Fiddler