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: Meet Changemaker Jami Young

by Rosie Paulyk February 02, 2020 0 Comments

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Meet Changemaker Harpreet Ahuja

by Rosie Paulyk January 19, 2020 0 Comments

“You don’t have to do everything alone. In fact, you’re not alone. There are a bunch of people who care about you deeply; you might not even know who they are yet. But they’re there, accessible, and want to see you thrive in the world. You are a contribution and you’ll continue to be a contribution. Just be patient.”

These are the words Indigenous law school graduate Harpreet Ahuja would tell her 12 year old self. Years later, she’s moments away from becoming a lawyer and a challenger. I could share more about this fearless Indigenous woman changemaker (talking with her on Zoom was a joy -- highly recommend!), but her words hold great wisdom -- colouring these pages with resilience and courage. And so, without further delay, here is our first interview together!

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Entrepreneurship + Caregiving for A Loved One Who's Chronically Ill: The Journey Part 1

by Rosie Paulyk January 12, 2020 0 Comments

Right now we could talk about the many bumps along the journey of entrepreneurship. Veeeery late nights. Tear-filled mornings -- most often at least half due to staying up too late the night before -- resulting in never-getting-out-of-there coffee stains. Changing relationships that you thought were going to be ride-or-die. These are a very small selection of the bumps I've experienced over the years.  

Or we could talk about one of the most remarkable gifts entrepreneurship can provide: The ability to extend moments in time on short notice. To explain what I mean, here's a post I wrote on my Instagram back in August 2019...

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